Search engine optimization (SEO) is not only for big tech companies. Local law firms must integrate an SEO strategy. In fact, SEO applies more so to local law firms simply because individuals are searching for your services vs. the name of your firm.

Most prospects nowadays when looking for a specific type of lawyer rely on the internet. They have a question, and you need to provide the answer. Further, your firm must be on the first page to even have a chance as most individuals don’t consider page two or three. This is even more true on mobile devices, as bankruptcy prospects want answers to their queries quickly.
Ranking high on the SERP’s (search engine results page) can be the deciding factor between time on your hands and too busy to handle more business. How this plays out is dependent on your Local SEO strategy.

What Is Local SEO And Why Is It Important For Bankruptcy Attorneys?

In short, Local SEO boosts your ranking in local search results. Local searches try and target a specific city based on specific keywords. For example, a common local search term is “bankruptcy attorneys near me.” Google and other search engines will display the most relevant results based on your location and the law firms competing for this query. Although nobody can pinpoint Google’s exact algorithm, there are several steps a diligent bankruptcy attorney can take to ensure they show up.

We Are Going To Explore Some Methods Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Attain High Ranking Using The Latest Trends In Local SEO.

When talking about Local SEO we are referring to “organic” searches, where key words are typed into a browser (such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox) and in-turn search engines return relevant results. You may have noticed that in 2020 Ads consume a majority of the search results page. This makes the landscape much more competitive today than ever before. Law firms that are not “in-tune” with optimizing their website for SEO, find themselves way down the list and often on the second and third pages.

Additionally, Local SEO impacts the local “map” section or otherwise known as the “map-pack.” A few years ago, the map pack was seven deep, now it’s just three! You will also notice that Google displays ads in the map pack, making SEO even more important.

Ideally, your law firm should be in the map for the city that you service. Statistically, businesses in the map pack see an average of 30% more traffic than others that are not in the map section. Individuals browsing the net, are quickly drawn to this section as they can see reviews, location, phone number, and a website link.

What Factors Influence The Local Map Results?

As noted earlier, nobody can exactly identify Google’s algorithm and we do not know why some law firms enter the map pack over others. However, we do know several steps that every law firm can take to significantly increase their chances. The following is a great start:

• Optimized bankruptcy focused website
• Complete Google My Business information including correct categories and descriptions
• Site copy to include proximity and related keywords
• Links from authoritative websites such as membership affiliations and published content
• On-page SEO signals such as correct meta descriptions, title tags, and image optimization
• Off-page SEO including social signals and engagement
• NAP listings and citation signals
• Online Review signals

Never underestimate the value of ranking organically. Your website must be optimized to include quality content and be structured properly to allow the “search bots” to efficiently crawl your site. Obviously the more relevant your site the more visitors you shall receive. Many surfers looking for a bankruptcy attorney near them skip ads and solely focus on organic results. These individuals are more research based and want additional information to make an informed decision.

In summary, Local SEO is a critical tool for every business, especially bankruptcy attorneys as individuals are searching locally for their services. Improving your search engine optimization takes time and knowledge to ensure you maximize your lead generation opportunities in the SERPs. The first step is to ensure you have a game plan.

Some of the concepts discussed here will require an experienced SEO and goes beyond the scope of this post. However, many of the topics discussed can be implement by your law firm with minimal technical knowledge. Start with the structure of your website and include carefully crafted content that matches your message and brand. You can then integrate a content/social marketing strategy, and ultimately a Local SEO campaign. Taking the steps outlined in this article will significantly increase your odds in better ranking, which can result in more clients!

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