If you are similar to many bankruptcy attorneys, then you are constantly looking for methods to save valuable time and money. Google Ads is one of the most tested and proven marketing advantages that can help you accomplish this task. Google offers many benefits geared towards bankruptcy attorneys including; custom audience targeting, advanced bid strategies, responsive ads, and more.

When developing a Google ads strategy for law firms, one of our initial objectives is to tailor our clients advertising goals to match the campaign objectives. In addition to driving traffic to your landing page, we ultimately must convert as many visitors as possible. Whether that be from a phone call or form submission. The landing page plays a key role tying your ads, offer, and message.

Google Ads allows to you expand your digital campaign to a new level, by targeting individuals actively seeking to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Some of the ways we can do that is as follows:

Target Geographically – targeting prospects close to your office will increase your changes for conversion, as individuals feel more comfortable working wit a local law firm.
Target Ads / Keywords – it’s critical to tie your keywords to your ad and ultimately your landing pages. Your ad copy must be written to target the right prospects at the right time. By including the search query in the ad copy you can increase click through rate and ultimately your conversions.
Bid Strategy – another important element in an efficient Google Ads campaign is to use bid strategies properly. There are times when you need to bid manually and others where an automated strategy makes more sense.

In addition to the above, an effective Google Ad campaign for bankruptcy attorneys must include flexible budgeting. You should calculate the max you are willing to spend each month and build your campaign around that budget. This will help avoid any surprises. Also keep in mind that Google may increase your spend by up to 30%. This sounds like a lot, but is necessary so that Google’s algorithm can deliver the best possible results based on your budget. The good news is that Google will only charge you when someone clicks on your ad, hence the term pay-per-click. When working with bankruptcy attorneys, we have found that the minimum Google Ad budget should be at least $1000 per month. Obviously budgets higher than that are beneficial, however, not necessary. Some marketing objectives, however, require higher budgets. When working with Bounce Legal, we will help you determine the best budget for your market.

Another important consideration when running a Google Ads campaign for your law firm is timing. You have complete control in determining how long your ad runs, when setting up your ads. This makes it simple to manage special promotions, offers, or other marketing strategies. Just be conscious of when your ads are running so that you or your team can answer calls and form submissions on a timely basis.

Monthly reporting and metrics

Anytime we run a campaign for our clients, reporting is an important consideration for us and our clients. After all, we must prove a return on investment to justify continued ad spend. Our team continually monitors client ad accounts to ensure maximum benefit. We keep on top of ad copy metrics, negative keywords, click-through-rate, and more. By staying abreast of the campaign, we are able to make timely changes to ensure an adequate return on investment.

Google Ads offers several custom choices to track and measure your digital marketing campaigns. For example, you can set and track goals for:

• Return on Investment (ROI)
• Landing Page Traffic
• Conversions
• Geo Targeting
• And More!

You can also see metric including:

• Best-Performing Keywords
• Headlines with the Best Click-Through Rates
• Top-Performing Time of Day
• Impressions
• Click-Through Rate
• Cost Per Click (CPC)

In Summary

Google Ads is an effective digital marketing resource for bankruptcy attorneys that want to get in touch with the right clients, at the best time, for a price that fits their budget. If you’d like to set up a painless and effective digital marketing campaign for your law firm, it’s worth giving Google Ads a try.

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