Marketing is all about catching the right people in the right place at the right time. So how can you guarantee that your law practice hits the sweet spot every time? Well, in 2020, everything is digital, meaning the most effective marketing strategies often exist on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, email or, frankly, anything viewable on a smartphone.

So what can digital marketing do for your law firm?

From boosting awareness to increasing the efficiency of your marketing spend, there are several statistically-backed reasons why effective digital marketing can improve your bottom line and grow your law practice, big or small. Stay tuned – we’re outlining our top five.

Expand reach

An effective website for your bankruptcy practice should be on the top of your list. What better way to attract new clients, showcase your services, and promote quality content. To help boost your website presence, you should take advantage of social media marketing. If you’re not advertising on digital platforms, you’re missing out on billions of social media users. Not to mention, the average web surfer who spends countless hours online. While those numbers are slightly nauseating, they’re also true and they make up a huge portion of your audience. Bottom line? Everyone’s online and if you want to reach everyone, the starting point is obvious.

Humanize your bankruptcy practice

Social platforms give your brand a voice. What kind of language do you use while tweeting? Are your Facebook posts engaging, passionate, and informative? Are you speaking direct to your prospect? Can individuals quickly and easily connect with someone in your firm? Humans don’t trust companies, they trust other humans. If you use social to bridge the gap, you’ll earn the trust of social users searching for authenticity above all else.

Build Trust

It is common knowledge that individuals trust information about a particular brand, product, or service that comes from people they know. And they don’t just mean people they know personally. Friends and family and general word of mouth will always reign supreme when it comes to increasing awareness. But digital marketing also encompasses testimonials from clients that your prospects can read and get a better understanding for whom they may be doing business with. Emphasize online posts and build a strong social following to legitimize your business in the eyes of every consumer.

Additionally, displaying your member affiliation badges on your website is an easy way to boost your trust and credibility. Make sure to include these badges on several pages of your site, as many visitors not only land on your home page, but on others as well.

Lead Generation

For marketers, the beauty of digital marketing or attorneys is the ability to target specific audiences. Very specific audiences. Maybe it’s people who love reading about improving their financial future or maybe it’s individuals who like to watch YouTube videos. With the help of our legal marketing experts, you can understand who from each practice area is most likely to visit your website and book a consultation. Once you develop a target client, digital tools allow you to direct messaging straight to them. Bounce Legal offers numerous lead generation solutions for bankruptcy attorneys. Contact us today for a free demo.

Stay Cost-Effective

If you skimmed the above, this should come as no surprise. Digital marketing provides a better return on investment than traditional media channels. In fact, according to Google, companies using digital marketing have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy. It makes sense, especially when you consider how much cheaper digital marketing is than print. Drive your revenue through targeted campaigns, personalized offers, and cost-effective digital buys.

There are many techniques in our digital landscape where bankruptcy attorneys can gain an advantage. For example, showing up in the local map results for the query “bankruptcy attorney near me” is an easy way to increase traffic to your website and ultimately conversions.

Related Tips for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our advice is to first maximize the advertising tools that are “Free.” For example all bankruptcy law practices must maximize their Google My Business listing. You can easily score valuable ranking points from “google bot” by simply ensuring your information optimized. We offer Free Google My Business training, just book a consultation and we will be happy to help out.

When do I ask for help? Sometimes it’s best to leave legal marketing to the experts. Agencies specializing in social marketing are well-versed in voice, online branding, and creative strategy that cuts through the virtual clutter. You may know your business better than a room of corporate strangers, but marketing experts understand how to speak directly to your target audience better than anyone.

Lean on professionals with years of digital experience to get serious about strengthening your digital presence and speaking to previously unreachable consumers.

What platforms should I use? Not all digital platforms are created equal! A common mistake is deciding to use a platform for the sake of using it. Here at Bounce Legal we use the most effective digital avenues to attract and retain new bankruptcy clients including Google, social media marketing, SEO, and more.

Instead of having a presence on every social platform, figure out where your target audience spends the most time and develop a strategy based on those two to three platforms. Digital agencies are fantastic resources if you’re struggling to understand which areas of the digital landscape to focus on. You have nothing to lose going digital and everything in the world to gain. Hopefully, this helped you understand why. Still curious about digital marketing for your bankruptcy law firm? Contact us!

A bit about us – Bounce Legal offers lead generation services for bankruptcy attorneys throughout the United States. In addition to providing leads, we are experienced in search-engine marketing, Google Ads advertising (Pay Per Click), SEO solutions, social media marketing, and more! Your website most certainly is the beginning, as online success through-out our connected world is dependent on search dominance and max exposure to many marketing channels. Our bankruptcy marketing company is more than glad to help you increase your online presence. Book a free consultation today and let’s kick-start your leads!